About us

    China(Anhui)I nternational Wine &Food Fair, one of the ear-liest B2B professional exhibitions in history, with its exhibition scale and practical experience, the efficiency, participating countries, exhibitors, and number of visitors all rank among the top in the industry ,developing into one of the most well-known and authoritative exhibitions in the Chinese food and beverage industry and becoming a must-haveindustryevent for enterprises to explore the markets in Anhui and even East China.

    Zhongmao Group has been deeply involved in the alcohol and food industry for decades, and has established itself in the Anhui region ,over the past decade. Over ten years of operation and accumulation have forged today's security. Anhui Sugar and Wine Food Trade Fair brand achieves Success in the industry.

    So far, it has been successfully held for 24 hours,The exhibition has a total exhibition area of over 770000 square meters and a total of exhibiting companies,Organized and attracted more than 1.03 million professional visitors to over 28300 institutions,Accumulated transaction total of 50.5 billion yuan, and successfully held summit forums and themed activities,Having waited for more than 228 sessions, we have made due contributions to promoting the prosperity and development of China's alcohol and food industry contribution.

    In addition, China(Anhui) International Wine &Food Fair has also been recognized by the Global Exhibition Industry Association UFl Certification, ranking among the world's top exhibitions.