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Visit weChat directly on the right side of the mobile scan, or call +86 0551-67102222 to inquire about the registration process.

Thank you for your continued support and attention to China Trade International!

First, the audience invitation reception and service: 

1, the General Assembly for professional dealers to provide a star hotel accommodation for 1 night;

2, the General Assembly will be opened bus transfer and ferry between the hotel and the pavilion (can participate in the group of dealers (general assembly unified organization or business associations, professional market) the General Assembly can arrange bus transfer;

3, to provide other needs of services;

Second, note:

1, the Expo is only open to professionals, professional audience refers to sugar and wine food distributors, shopping malls supermarkets, famous hotels and so on.

2, please make a reservation in advance or apply online to the organizing committee, we will have a person to confirm the hotel matters for you. 3, once confirmed, we will arrange for you the hotel detailed address SMS to your mobile phone.

3,And please bring your business card 2, ID card and related documents to the hotel to report.

Third, professional audience organization and service:

Contact: Mr. Li 18655158925 (Same WeChat)

Tel: +86 0551-67102222    +86 0531-82350000

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