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2019 CNWFF was held in Nanjing in August



2019 The 6th China( Nanjing)  International Wine and Food Fair was held in Nanjing in August



On February 28, 2019 the 6th China (Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair (CNWFF) press conference was held in Nanjing. CNWFFwill continue to be held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center from August 2nd to 4th, 2019.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the theme of “Towards the development of a new chapter” is guided by the China Alcohol Distribution Association, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Jiangsu Liquor Industry Association. Co-sponsored by China Trade Group, Shandong Zhongmao Jiangsu International Exhibition Co., Ltd.The Jiangsu Provincial Finance and Trade Textiles Trade Union and the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce specially supported the Jiangsu Province, the municipal and county alcoholic food associations and other units to support and jointly organize this wine food industry festival.



CNWFFNanjing Sugar Wine Club has experienced the precipitation and accumulation of the first five sessions. 2019CNWFFwill invite more professional services and more targeted audiences to enhance the international participation and provide efficient channels for brand enterprises to enter the market. platform.

From the 2019CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Liquor Conference press conference, we learned that there will be five major points in this exhibition.

Aspect 1: The exhibition area is rich in categories, and the whole industry chain exhibition of the alcoholic food industry

This year's CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Liquor Association will open all the exhibition halls of Nanjing International Exhibition Center, set up comprehensive liquor museum, traditional liquor museum, wine and ritual bar, food and beverage hall, packaging and processing machinery hall, upstream and downstream supporting products exhibition area, energy saving and environmental protection And water treatment technology exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition area, Internet platform and network red product exhibition area.



Aspect 2: Brand companies are decent in appearance and internationalization


This year's CNWFFNanjing Sugar Wine Association will invite a number of well-known enterprises in the domestic and international wine food, machinery and equipment, and the whole industry chain to be unveiled, and exhibit at the headquarters. The exhibition will present more than 10,000 kinds of products in three days.


Aspect 3: Professional audience invites the entire industry chain

The CNWFFNanjing Sugar Wine will meet the needs of department stores, shopping centers, franchisees and e-commerce companies across the country, and open to dealers and media with professional services. At the same time, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the alcoholic food industry chain are invited to visit and purchase.It is expected that the exhibition will be visited by many professional visitors from home and abroad for three days.

Aspect 4: Rich exhibition activities

1. This year's CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Wine Association celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the Su wine revitalization alliance held a series of activities in the "Jiangsu Fine Wine National Media Tasting", "My Wine Culture in the Eyes" Photo Contest", "Collection" Jiangsu Liquor Enterprises Advertising Good Words and Good Contests, "Jiangsu Liquor Enterprises Industry Reporting Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition"

2. Hold two major events:

(1) 2019 China (Nanjing) College Wine Tasting Competition,

(2) 2019 China (Nanjing) International Liquor Cocktail Bartender Competition;

3. Professional forum meetings;

(1) 2019 China (Nanjing) Wine Production Green Production and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Summit;

(2) 2019 China (Nanjing) International Wine Summit Forum;

(3) 2019 China (Nanjing) Food Industry Matchmaking Conference;

(4) 2019 China (Nanjing) International Winery Tourism Promotion Conference;

4. Special conferences for enterprises: special conferences for various promotion conferences, tasting meetings, customer meetings, seminars, etc.;

Aspect 5: Exhibition service upgrades become new highlights

The CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Liquor Association will be fully upgraded, the image of the exhibition will be upgraded and the new exhibition logo system will be launched.Set up a vip buyer's special area at the exhibition site, and there is a refreshment Internet cafe service in the special area.In the wine exhibition area, wine and spirits exhibition area, the organizing committee provides free cupping and changing cups for exhibitors.The organizing committee developed a matching system between exhibitors and buyers to realize one-click online reservations, meet and negotiate at the exhibition site, realize one-click platform, and accurately and efficiently display the exhibition.


  2019 is the key year for the CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Wine Association. It is the fourth year of the five-year strategy to complete the development year. In five years, CNWFFwill become a truly international exhibition. The proportion of overseas exhibitors accounts for more than 10%. The proportion of purchasers accounts for more than 5%.CNWFFwill increase its efforts to rely on the influence of Jiangsu in the East China region. In 2019, domestic and foreign industry participants will be invited to participate.CNWFFwill increase its technical investment. The exhibition will open a matching system between developers and buyers, and the matching system between buyers and exhibitors will enable more efficient and accurate appointments.At the same time, CNWFFNanjing Sugar and Liquor will increase media propaganda, and invited more than 200 media and industry media to publicize and report the results of the exhibition.