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2024 wine and food enterprises investment new opportunities, May 24, 2024 THE 25TH CHINA (ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD FAIR will be opened in Hefei!




As the curtain falls on the Chinese New Year 2024, the year 2024 officially begins. According to the post-season feedback, driven by the tide of homecoming, the overall optimism of consumption during the Spring Festival exceeded expectations, snacks (gift boxed), beverages (dairy products, etc.), white wine and other Spring Festival banquets, gifts and other categories showed the characteristics of peak sales, channels and terminals for the task to achieve and the subsequent outlook for the gradual optimism.

However, the synthesis of the current parties judgment, 2024 market environment is still intricate and complex, the industry concentration further increased, the intensity of competition is unprecedented. Both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises will struggle to move forward in the market tide, and the elimination race will be further accelerated.

Against this background, industry insiders believe that the value of industry-focused B2B professional exhibitions will be highlighted again. In particular, the regional focus of the industry professional exhibition should attract the attention of enterprises due to its high investment precision and efficiency.

It is reported that on May 24-26, 2024 THE 25TH CHINA (ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD FAIR, the only provincial-level professional wine and food exhibition in Anhui Province, will be held in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. [Theme Exhibitions: 2024 THE 25TH CHINA (ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE EXPO, 2024 THE 25th CHINA (ANHUI) FOOD & BEVERAGE FAIR].

THE 25TH CHINA (ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD FAIR, as a professional B2B exhibition held earlier in the history of the domestic wine and food industry and rooted in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, is an important and effective platform for wine and food enterprises to develop Anhui and neighboring markets, and has won a number of honors such as brand exhibition of Anhui Province and brand exhibition of Hefei, etc., and it is also the first exhibition of its kind in China. It is also a brand exhibition certified by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.



01 Introspection is intensifying, and the survival space of small and medium-sized wine and food enterprises is being rapidly compressed.

At present, with the enhancement of consumers' quality consumption concept, the Matthew effect in the wine and food industry is prominent, and the concentration of the industry is further enhanced.

In the liquor industry, it is facing a new cycle of adjustment, the industry stock to the top, capacity cut, industry concentration intensified, the regional market differentiation is obvious, the leading continued to grow, the share of second and third tier brands are squeezed, small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce the number of wine, industry profits continue to head to the concentration of wine enterprises.

In the food industry, the major well-known casual food brands have also lowered their stature, and actively seize the market.

Therefore, in the face of the involution of the wine and food industry, small and medium-sized wine and food enterprises are being rapidly compressed space for survival.

02 Famous brands soaring at the same time, the rise of white brands for small and medium-sized enterprises to bring a good opportunity for development

In the face of the major brands of wine and food enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises still have a chance to survive? The answer is yes.

Industry insiders say that the current wine and food industry is gradually entering a state of polarization, on the one hand, high-end, on the other hand, the ultimate cost-effective. And the pursuit of cost-effective catalyzed the development of white label, and gradually appeared the phenomenon of do not love big brands love white label. And, this phenomenon is intensifying, channels, dealers, consumers are involved, even many brands are forced to make changes.

"White Label" is the concept of "brand" counterpart, usually refers to the production of small and medium-sized manufacturers of unbranded products, or consumer awareness of its brand is low. From a broad perspective, non-first- and second-tier branded goods can be called white label.


The brand disadvantage of white label products is obvious, but its cheap, cost-effective, and more operating space features also make its advantages more obvious, in the operation of the dealers have more initiative, profit margins. It is precisely for this reason will be favored from the channel, dealers to consumers.

Therefore, the current small and medium-sized wine and food enterprises with good products should take the initiative to take the initiative to attack the market in order not to be eliminated in the involution war.

03 The rise of the Anhui market has become a new high ground for wine and food enterprises to dig for gold.

In the current domestic wine and food market, Anhui Province, as a traditional wine and food production and marketing province, because of its strong economic development in recent years, is breeding new opportunities.

Statistics show that in 2022, the net inflow of population in Anhui reached 197,000 people, an increase of 39,000 people over 2021 and 77,000 people over 2020, respectively. since 2023, all kinds of talents have increased by more than 800,000, with the total number of talents reaching 12.6 million. Anhui has become a province with net inflow of population and net inflow of talents.

The influx of talents and "going to Anhui" is becoming a phenomenon and trend. This brings a broad market growth space for the development of wine and food industry in Anhui. More and more wine and food enterprises are seeking development opportunities in Anhui.

04 Focus on investment effect, exhibitors evaluate THE 25TH CHINA (ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD FAIR as "worthwhile".

As the only provincial-level professional B2B exhibition platform for the wine and food industry in Anhui Province, THE 25TH CHINA(ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD is also verifying the above changes, and in recent years, more and more wine and food enterprises from outside of the province have appeared in THE 25TH CHINA(ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD FAIR. ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD to launch the first shot into the Anhui market.

THE 25TH CHINA(ANHUI) INTERNATIONAL WINE&FOOD, as an important brand exhibition in the domestic wine and food industry, has been successfully held for twenty-four years, and is ranked among the forefront of the domestic wine and food industry exhibitions in terms of both the scale of the exhibition and its influence, and is highly trusted by the exhibitors and professional visitors.

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Over the years of market-oriented operation, Anhui Sugar & Wine Fair has formed a strong penetration capacity to the market of Anhui and its neighboring provinces and cities. At the 24th Anhui Sugar & Wine Fair last year, the effectiveness of Anhui Sugar & Wine Fair once again came to the fore, with many wine and food enterprises realizing good investment results on the show floor. "It was worthwhile for exhibitors to participate in the event," said the exhibitors of the 24th Anhui Sugar & Wine Fair.

It is understood that the 25th Anhui Sugar & Wine Fair will cover an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and will organize and invite 1,600+ wine and food enterprises to participate in the event. The organization of professional audience will also be carried out in accordance with the principle of Anhui Province as the main and neighboring provinces and cities as the supplement, and it is planned to organize and invite 70,000 professional audiences to visit the exhibition, so as to effectively enhance the precision and success of exhibitors in the Anhui market, and help exhibitors to fight the battle of the market in 2024.




Meanwhile, at this year's show, the organizing committee of the conference will also hold a series of high-quality forums, awards, docking sessions, salons and other activities in the alcohol, food and beverage categories to provide exhibitors and professional visitors with more value for their participation and visit.